How to Segment Your Email List in 2022

Email List Segmentation can be a tricky thing if you are new to it. Here at Acme, we've put together some tips on email list segmentation. When you should do it, and how you can include it in your email marketing strategy in 2022.Your customers each have a unique build, set of interests and a …

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Email List Segmentation can be a tricky thing if you are new to it. Here at Acme, we’ve put together some tips on email list segmentation. When you should do it, and how you can include it in your email marketing strategy in 2022.

Your customers each have a unique build, set of interests and a particular level of knowledge about your brand. With these in mind sending them all the same message is a no go. With Email List Segmentation it’s super easy to personalize your marketing efforts based on the recipient’s interests, demographic information and of course purchase history. As email is 40% more effective than both Facebook and Twitter for acquiring first-time customers there has never been a better time to start. 

So what does make email marketing so useful? Some say the secret sauce is segmentation.So what is it? Simply it’s the practice of dividing your email list into groups based on characteristics like interests and demographics.

Segmenting your email list helps you deliver the right message to the right people, giving them the information that they require at the right time. A recent study suggests segmented email lists based on data increase open rates by almost 19%, and click-through rates by 22% compared to non-segmented lists. Not too shabby right?

So let Acme Ecards highlight some key elements of Segmentation.

  • What You’ll Need
  • How Will List Segmentation Help Me?
  • How Can I Start Segmenting My Email List?

What You'll Need

Well, it doesn’t take too much to get started with list segmentation but the key to it really is in the planning.

  • User data that are connected to an email address – Well it might seem obvious but without this, you are going nowhere. The data can be anything from the gender of a person to the city they live in.
  • A way to organize and manage your list – in the simplest form segments are just email lists broken down into groups. There are many tools out there like CRMs which will most likely export this in a tidy fashion but we would recommend Google Sheets or Excel to start with as they are free and most likely you already have some understanding or experience of them.

How Segmentation Helps

Segmentation works because it gives you the opportunity to provide an individual experience via mass delivery. Email is a unique communication unlike TV, Social Media or Radio, we can craft content based on groups of users and behaviours, instead of broadcasting generic content to everyone and hoping it hits the mark.

Lazer targeted emails offer an ideal way to onboard prospective leads into your sales cycle without a high price tag and the feeling of shooting in the dark. With the correct segmentation, you can make it much easier for customers to understand your product or why they should use your brand. Accurate segmentation leads to improved click-through rates, conversions and overall deliverability.

1. Increased Open Rates
Unfortunately how compelling and well designed your email campaign is if people don’t open your emails they can’t share that magic and essentially won’t be buying what you are selling. Using segmentation you can send tailored subject lines to groups increasing the open rate of your campaign.

2. Increased CTR (Click Through Rate)

Talyor relevant content via Segmentation to increase click-through rates sounds simple when you think about it. Essentially segmentation helps you provide customers with content they would actually like to see, click on and generally interact with your organization by grouping them by behaviours and interests.

3. Increased Conversions

Once you have both of the above-taken care of making things as easy as possible for your customer via personalised content goes a long way. Frictionless communications are key to converting.

4. Decrease Unsubscribes

Something we are all trying to avoid is unsubscribers, normally this happens when you supply a message too frequently, they are not tailored to the user or the content is not relevant. You can already see why segmentation will help you decrease unsubscribe rates.

5. Avoid Spam Filters

In 2022 it’s pretty easy to land in a junk folder, a promotions tab or even have your email blocked. Many campaigns hit spam filters because they send irrelevant content in high frequency to often dirty email lists. Using list segmentation can aid this, plus using Acme Ecards’s Email List Cleaning Service before sending a campaign can help avoid spam filters further.

Leveraging Data for Email List Segmentation

Demographic data will include quantifiable characteristics of a person for example age, gender, location, job and more. These are entry-level segments—they will help you, group users together without getting too granular over other metrics.

Try using the below demographics to form an infrastructure for your list segmentation:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Job title
  • Behaviour

Segmenting by persona—like a city, a job title, or a behaviour type—helps your emails stay out of the digital trash can.

Behavioral Data

Try using these segments to target people based on their interests:

  • What they do with your product
  • Product Type
  • Free vs paid users
  • The last time clicked on an email
  • Rate of purchases
  • Customer Sign-Up Date

Customer Sign-Up Date

Segment your list by how long a recipient has been part of your site, this can help you understand how knowledgeable a user is.

  • Onboarding new users
  • Rewarding your best customers

Simply sending a coupon code for someone’s first purchase—or to celebrate the anniversary of their first purchase—can go a long way in retaining that customer.

Customer Email Client Data

To improve a customer’s experience with your content, account for how and when they’re opening your emails. Using list segmentation, you can create groups based on browsing devices and how often your customers use email.

  • If they’re browsing on mobile or desktop
  • When they say they want to receive emails


While it may seem daunting at this stage with the right strategy and tools, you can customize each user’s exposure to your email marketing strategy, and optimize the impact of each email.

Need help with segmentation contact Acme Ecard today.

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