Seasonal Stag

Keep your Christmas greetings classy with Seasonal Stag animated ecard. A young deer pads through a forest, the snow gently falling against the patterned blue background. The deer, a little older now and further into the forest, grazes for a moment – its dark brown colour in contrast to the icy white surroundings. He continues on his journey, older still, his antlers are a little longer and his body is sturdy but graceful as he leaps across the now rocky scenery. Finally, we see him as a fully-grown stag ascending a rocky mountain top, his antlers and his stance are proud and elegant. ‘Season’s Greetings’ in white joined-up font finishes this ecard. The silhouette design and uplifting choir music make the Seasonal Stag ecard a sophisticated and stylish choice.

We can create and send your branded company Christmas Ecards for enhanced seasonal cheer this holiday season

First choose an animated Christmas Ecard design, send us your customisation options, logo and web link, we will send back a link to the finished design for your approval. Next send your mailing list and preferences: preferred date and time. After the list has been cleansed where problem email addresses are removed, we can send the Ecards for you. Shortly after we will send you a detailed delivery report to gauge the success of your seasonal online greetings campaign.

Why not consider complementing your animated Christmas Ecards with printed card versions, contact us to find out the low cost, high quality printed Company Christmas Cards we can supply.

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